Sunday, February 22, 2015

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So today, life in the studio involved 30 minutes of learning Photoshop. A good friend and former colleague of mine, Julie Taggart once gave me a piece of advise that to this day I always keep in the back of my mind... the gist of it was even if you can only get in 10 minutes in the studio, do it... that is 10 minutes you might not have had before and what often happens is that 10 minutes turns into 30, 40, 60 or sometimes even 3 hours... you get the idea... so today I started studying my Photoshop (I'm teaching myself the program) late in the day and yes it wasn't a long time 30 minutes is more than 10 so that's a good thing... but I studied all the same. I'm thinking of trying to see if I can squeeze in a little Photoshop each day... the challenge is there are so many little details and short cuts etc... that there is so much to remember and if you don't actually do it on a regular bases it proves challenging to retain... but retain it I will! Just not over night!

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