Friday, January 16, 2015

Woman circa 1840's

80 Woman circa 1840's, 6  6 inches, Paper Plate Lithograph. $60
So in looking at this hairstyle and reflecting back on the other hairstyles from this set, I don't know if I mentioned it by my hairstyle lithograph are arranged in sets of 4. We had a Queen from 550, a woman from the 1490's and now we have a woman from the 1840's... I can see the influence of the wavy hair from the queen, which was also present in the Renaissance woman but then there was the addition of the bun in the back, which we see here as  well only the hair on the sides is not as dramtic. Then we say the hairstyle of the 1860's where the bun was gone but the wavy hair remained. So hairstyles can transend time, we see influences that come and go at various degrees... I find that very interesting.

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