Friday, January 9, 2015

Exhibitionist circa 1930's

74 Exhbitionist circa 1930's, 6 x 6 inches, Paper Plate Lithography, $60
For some reason when I look at this hairstyle it reminds me of the cartoon character known as Betty Boop. This becomes even more interesting after I did a little research (just now) on Betty Boop and discovered that she was also apart of the 1930's era... first appearing in 1930 in a cartoon titled Dizzy Dishes, a name that can bring to mind other images that can be related back to the idea of sex symbol. The concept of sex symbol was not lost on our friend Betty as it is one of the descriptors that were listed under her Wikipedia listing. What I discovered when reading up on Betty Boop was that she was actually a caricature of a real woman- Helen Kanem an American Pop Singer of her time that sang among other songs, I wanta be Loved by You. Now, this hairstyle above does not belong to Helen Kane but another entertainer, an actress to be more specific... in fact she is the same actress as you saw yesterday, only today she is 20 odd years younger.  Can you think of a sex symbol from the 1930, that was still around and viewed as sexy in the 1950's?

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