Monday, December 1, 2014

Woman circa 1830's

34, Woman circa 1830's, 6 x 6 inches Paper Plate Lithography, $60
This lovely lady you have seen before in the artists proofs but this one is part of the actual series, she is 3 of 3. Instead of writing the title on the front I decided to write it on the back because my hand writing is so terrible. I also had a light bulb moment when I realized I don't have to clip the print to the wall I can use the wall putty I used to hang them in my thesis show and there you have it, no clip in the photograph! Gees sometimes I'm so thick in the head... it only took me 34 posts to figure that one out! Where as prints one and two are slated for shows this one can be yours today! That's it for my sales pitch, now its time to paint... I finished teaching for the day and have a few hours before the girls come home so I've decided today is a painting day, tomorrow can be a framing day! 

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