Monday, November 24, 2014

The completion of the Voices series

I think I here by consider this series finished... unless of course I wake up tomorrow and decide I need to noodle on this final mouth a little more... the trick with these have always been to know when to stop to ensure that I don't over work the mouth... This was a fun series to paint but I'm looking forward to moving on. If indeed I am done, then tomorrow I will wire it and take down the easel until I move into the new house and new studio. The plan for the remaining of this year is to focus on framing the 60 hair pieces for my March Thesis show... as a professional artist registered with the state of Colorado, I have a sales license that allows me to buy my frames at whole sale prices, of coure the catch is I also have to frame them myself!... Let's see if my very first job in the art field will come back to me... 20 some years ago I started working in an art gallery that also did framing... I'm hoping in the long run framing them myself will reduce my overhead expenses for framing and allow me to keep my work afordable... of course in the beginning it is expensive for me to do this because I first have to invest in the supplies to do my own framing.  Something I'm realizing is that it sure is (was) nice to have a full time job while being an artist because it allowed me to purchase the supplies I needed to be a practicing artist... it is a bit challenging these days!

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