Friday, November 7, 2014

Tessa's Purple Cupcake

Daily Print #10 Tessa's Purple Cupcake, 4 1/2 x 6 inches
Paper Plate Lithography with Watercolor, $60
Today I dedicated my daily print cupcake to my oldest daughter Tessa because her favorite color is purple. Her bedroom was purple (we are in temporary digs right now so no purple but her new room when the house is finished will be purple as well). Tessa's prefered color for clothes is also purple which at first I questioned but now as she is building her wardrobe I'm discovering that all the things that she has picked out, because they have purple as a link all tie in well together, prints all have some kind of purple included, different fabric textures of purple and then of coure solids, many of which are purple... it is a brilliant strategy and I admire her for it. Of course I've often wondered why purple and the only theory I have is her very first bedroom (the one after the nursery) was orginally our guest bedroom and when her sister (Bella) was born we turned the nursery into a playroom and moved the girls into the guest bedroom which was painted purple at the time... from then on she has always requested her bedroom be purple. So in honor of Tessa, I made a purple on purple monochromatic cupcake!

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