Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Linus and Lucy

I call this piece Linus and Lucy, it is my submission for the Hyperlink exhibition called Dashing and Crashing. It is ink on lithograph paper, 12 x 12 inches in size. It is my comment or interpretation of the ridiculous insanity of the holidays and how the "Eastern Syndicate" not to be confused with the Orient... has influenced the holiday season which lets face it starts to advertise as early as September! In this piece, I reference four holidays... and what I call the High Holiday Season which in my mind begins October 31 and continues through January, for some ending January 2 for others January 6 with twelve night... I'm actually considering doing something special for 12th night this year, not sure what... it will depend if we are in the new house by then. I must admit, Christmas is my favorite holiday but not for all the commercialism but rather for the spirit, its the birth of Christ, a joyous time that comes through in the music, the decorations, the thoughtfulness of people. I love the lights, the smells and sense of community... in fact when I get down my happy place is Christmas... I put on a little holiday music ans it cheers me right up!

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