Thursday, November 6, 2014

Daily Print #9 Aspen Dew Drop Cupcake

Daily Print #9, Aspen Dew Drop Cupcake , 4 1/2 x 6 inches
Paper Plate Lithography with Watercolor, $60
When I looked at this one this morning for some reason it reminded me of the changing colors on the Aspen trees here in Colorado.  After finishing the final touches on my latest mouth painting I spent the moring reorganizing the studio/kitchen/dinning area of our little rental in preparation for Thanksgiving and the realization that we really won't be in the new house by Christmas... there is no room on the first floor for a Christmas tree but after my reoganizing the second floor, we now have a space for the tree and a place to hang the stockings... we will borrow the decorations etc... from my mom, instead of having 2 trees this year she agreed to have one so we could use the decorations for something here - our Christmas decorations are in the very back of the storage unit (so I'm told). So dispite the disappointment about the house not being ready I am determined to make the holidays festive for my girls and Andy.... and who am I kidding, for me too!

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