Saturday, November 15, 2014

Artist Proof - Lady

18 Artist Proof - Lady, Paper Plate Lithography, $60
Again, another one of my favorites... after researching hairs styles through the centuries, going all the way back to Egyptian time period BC, I've definitely developed a few favorites!  Today in the studio, my plan is to work on my Nest drawing. I had been missing drawing so when I made this little sketchbook/book while at the CAEA conference I thought it would make an interesting format for this drawing piece. The book is in an according style with the pages folded back and forth in a uniform fashion. So what I decided to do was create one long drawing of branches. On a walk with Molly, I gathered a number of interesting looking sticks to use as references (always good to hone one's observational drawing skills). I've been using the branches as a loose guide applying some artistic license along the way. Every time I'd work on the drawing I would complete one panel. So as to ensure that the graphite doesn't smudge I've been cutting and placing tissue paper between the folds. But now as I near the end of the branches (I have 3 panels left) I will begin drawing the birds nest, inside will be marbles... I'm excited to work on these final 3 panels so I thought this cold and snowing afternoon would be a good time to draw... I must say drawing is one of my favorite things to do, it forces me to slow down, especially when the drawing is made up of small delicate lines/marks. Once its finished I will photograph the drawing and submit it to a drawing exhibition, deadline is December 31st, fingers crossed that it gets in!

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