Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Artist Proof - Girl

29 Artist Proof - Girl, 6 x 8 inches, Paper Plate Lithography, $60
So I believe this is one of the hair prints that my husband, Andy, thought looked like an image of road kill! Surprisingly... no, this is yet another Gibon Girl hairstyle, sorry Andy this is not a dead deer!

So today, my youngest daughter, Bella (Isabella), and I started our French lessons together. I've had years YEARS of French but never anyone to practice on so I'm really excited to do this with her so she will have someone to practice with. Of course I'm totally geeking out on it and have realized today that I actually LOVE studying! I know a big surprise.... 3 degrees and I am just now realizing this little fact!  Anyway... as I blog on the Gibson Girl hairstyle and think about our French lesson the idea came to mind... what if I did a hair series on French hairstyles? An interesting idea but I think I need to give hair a break after I finish the Genealogy exhibitions and posts. It's a lot of hair coming down the pipeline I think moving beyond that topic will be needed after its all said and done!

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