Monday, May 26, 2014

Doodle Series (enlarged)

Doodle 2

In this image, I added the element of collage to the mixed media as well as paper plate lithography. Both Doodle 1 and 2 are still works in progress working more as experiments to see how far I can push this idea and the combination of media.

Doodle series (enlarged)

Doodle 1 

This is a continuation of a series I started in one of my artists sketchbooks (a sketchbook that I hand make and then fill with drawings) In my "Doodle" series I use a combination of drawing, transfer images and watercolor painting.

Trace Monoprint lithograph (experiment)


This little print was an experiment in learning how trace monoprinting works. I used an image of Bella's birthday donuts to practice this lithograph technique... needless to say, I still have some work ahead of me if I want to master this particular printing techinque!

Paper Doll series (number 7)

Experiment 7
(chine colle - red dress)

Paper Doll series (number 6)

Experiment 6
(with chine colle and a combination of papers)

Paper Doll series (number 5)

Experiment 5 
(with the addition of chine colle in the skirt)

Paper Doll series (number 4)

Experiment 4 
(the addition of Chine Colle in the shirt)

Paper Doll series (number 3)

Experiment 3

Paper Doll series (number 2)

Experiment 2 (Toulouse)

Paper Doll series (the next pieces are works in progress and experimental)

Experiment 1

Transparent Packaging Lithograph

This one is an experiment using an aluminum plate, it is waterless lithography. I enjoyed this process greatly because you draw on the plate. I used my "Transparency" photographs as my reference photograph for the image and drew it freehand. Next to painting, I love to draw and this process allows me to combine drawing with printmaking!

Genealogy of Hair

A bit of explanation on this series. I researched hair styles fall term, made templates and created paper plate lithographs. Each plate is 4 x 4 inches on 6 x 6 inch paper. In this grid, the top left starts with Egypt and the progresses through the ages down then up and down, ending in the bottom right with hair from 2014. I'm not sure how I want to present these, I'm still working that out...

Voices series (Four of several within the series)

Voices series (three of several within the series)

Voices series (two of several within the series)

Voices series (one of several within the series)

My last MFA residency

The month of May marks my last residency in the MassArt low residency MFA program. I drove out to Cape Cod with my good friend Kimberlee. It took 3 and a half days, our final stop was Mystic CT, were I had a delightful Mystic pizza although I was disappointed that the pizza joint went Hollywood and completely changed their wonderful and quaint atmosphere... Boo! Once I was moved into my FAWC studio I became a working machine.... it is amazing what I can accomplish when I only have one thing to focus on... my art! I hope you enjoy my lasted work.