Thursday, March 13, 2014

60 Emotions to expand to 100 Emotions

This began in the fall as an exercise that studied emotions. My mentor gave me the challenge to do 10 ink drawings/paintings of each of the six emotions. I completed that challenge last week. Yesterday I met with my new mentor who loves the series and has encouraged me to continue, upping the number to 100 and possibly using the grid in my thesis! As I continute to create I will also be looking at the grid and experimenting with its formal aspect by moving around the pieces to study and determine the best compositional placement of the faces. I have also pulled out the 10ish images that include hair and will replace those with images that have the hair removed but maintain the same facial expression.  It's been a fun investigation and experiment. With each drawing I am strenthening my skills as a portrait artist while learning to let go of perfectionism and embracing the lose of control that ink drawing with a brush and a stick force upon me.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Doodle Series (on-going)

These images are the start of an on-going project that for now I'm calling my Doodle Experiments. The first image has no title at the moment (I can't come up with one) but the second image I'm calling "Springtime in Paris". I think of the two pieces I like the second one (the one with the title) better. With this project, I am experimenting with mixed media including transfers, ink drawing, watercolors and micron pens. It is something I am planning on delving into after I finish my MFA.... perhaps even adding collage or photomontage (I've been reading up on Dadaism and love the work of Hannah Hoch), and maybe even gold leaf (that is also something I've been wanting to experiment), although I'm not sure how I'd incorporate the gold leaf (I think Gustave Klimt would be a good inspiration for that investigation).

I'm thinking that as I continue to create these small pieces that perhaps I will then use them as studies for larger paintings on eithr canvas or paper. This in turn would take my painting style in a whole new direct, one that would possibly incorporate all the exploration and investigations I've been doing while in the graduate program with the different kinds of media. There is a good chance my thesis will include painting, printmaking and photography. If this is the case then this current 'doodle' series would be a great segway into my next phase of artistic endeavors.... Stay tuned!