Saturday, February 8, 2014


iPhone Photography on Watercolor paper
Kim Putnam

The series Steam began as an exercise in media exploration, created over the course of five months. Each day, at approximately the same time, I drew on my shower wall or mirror and documented the drawing with my iphone.™

 In documenting the drawing, I was also recording my presence within the drawing -becoming both the creator and viewer, raising questions about my role within the image. Am I the artist in the drawing or am I the reflection of my act of drawing?

The images of the wall and me drawing upon it are blurred as it takes place in a shower. At times my figure looks like a ghostly apparition, with no identifiable features visible through the steam. At other times, as my figure recedes, the drawing comes forward and at times both forms are visible simultaneously.

(The image above is the one I used for my exhibition postcard, it is one of ten images in the show.
 If you are in the Denver Metro area please come down and check out my show!)

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