Monday, September 9, 2013

Shower Drawings

After posting the in-process atmospheric painting I thought perhaps  I should back up and explain where that idea came from. These are two photographs that I presented at my fall residency. Both were well received by my professors and classmates. 

 I call them Shower Drawings 1 and 2, yes original titles I know. The concept behind the images is the idea of using non-precious materials to make art. In this case, I used steam and water to draw and documented the drawings by photographing them. I discovered two things (so far) from this experiment. #1 I'm going to return to my roots of photograph and incorporate that into my art making practice, and #2 that perhaps I'm over thinking my concepts and should consider simplifying my ideas, thus giving more room for creativity to breath. 

I think these photographs are way more interesting than the pictures I first took when studying photography at Purdue, so that tells me my painting practice has influenced and strengthened my skills as a photographer. With that idea, I believe by embracing photography and bring it back into my creative practice that it will influence my painting conceptually and will elevate it to a higher level thus bringing me into the world of Contemporary painting. I don't feel I am there yet but on the verge.... I am an emerging artist.

I am also continuing the investigation of Shower Drawings. My goal is to turn it into a series of photographs that I can then exhibit at Kanon Gallery  in Denver along with my paintings, and prints!

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