Saturday, September 7, 2013

Shower Drawing (underpainting)

This is an experiment in atmospheric painting. My reference, which I consider a finished work of art itself, is a photograph I took this summer of a shower drawing and me captured in the act of photographing the drawing. To push my painting skills further my professor suggested I now try and paint the atmospheric photograph, and likened the process to Gerhard Richter's paintings (

Thus starts a new investigation. Although pleased with my start, the values are off (as you can see in this picture) ... I worked to correct that on Thursday only to screw up the painting! While waiting for the glazes to dry (really that is what this experiment will teach me is how to master glazing), I went back into it yesterday with a blue pastel and mapped out the large shapes of 'atmosphere'. Once the glaze is dry I will begin again, hopefully with a better (closer) range of values. I like the color palette and ambiguity of the figure and the drawing. If I succeed, not if - when, at mastering the glazes, it should be a nice looking painting!

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