Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Hand Crafted Artists Sketchbooks

In our graduate seminar this week, we learned how to make our own sketchbooks. What an absolutely brilliant idea! Thank you Jim and Katie. For years I've been carrying around heavy, cumbersome sketchbooks, always too big to fit in my satchel, so many pages, and then once I've used up all the pages I can't remember which sketchbook had which ideas.... that is why this is so brilliant! I can make it to the size of my choice, use quality paper of my choosing. I can determine the number of pages and it is light weight! Also... I can make a sketchbook for each concept I am working on which then translates into a painting or series of paintings. I can catalogue the sketchbooks easily, thus allowing me to find my reference sketches, notes etc.... quicker.

Here you see my first three sketchbooks I've made thus far. Yes I am an over achiever! The assignment was to make one sketchbook and fill it with sketches by Sunday.... not a problem! I'm currently thinking about how I can develop these even further, taking into consideration how I use my sketchbook, for example, making notes to myself, gluing  inspirational images, in which case I would not need to write or glue on quality paper so the sketchbook could include different kinds of paper. And then there is the cover or what the paper is encased in... this can be personalized, thus an expression of my personality (I think sketchbooks are very personal things to artists, or at least to me), but it also has to function on a practical level. The cover needs to be of stronger material, but yet light weight, somewhat resistant to moisture so that the paper is protected and sometimes a pocket could be useful so that if I find something that is inspirational but am not able to glue it in at the time, I have a way of keeping it with the sketchbook without it falling out.... These are just some initial ideas, as I continue to develop my sketchbook I'm sure more will come to mind. What a useful and practical thing to learn in graduate school!

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