Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Manifesto of Femininity Scroll

I haven't decided if I want to add any pictorial elements that would related to what the text says so here is the manifesto as it was originally envisioned... Is it resolved completely? I haven't decided... I need to think on it some more, see if I can take it further thus allowing the audience to be able to experience it's meaning more fully. The rolling pins that act as the support for the scroll are interesting to me because they are both vintage, the top one is pretty worn and shows definite signs of age and much use. The bottom one is also old and has the name "Helen carved and inked into it with the date 1934. I purposely chose to have the more beaten up pin at the top and the one with the date on the bottom to signify the worn out view and dated philosophy that is the crux of the manifesto. I'm currently working on a performance piece that focuses on or perhaps responds to... this antiquated view of femininity. The length of the scroll spans the length of my studio and then some. I haven't yet figured out how I would display this work.

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