Monday, July 1, 2013

Carving Out Time: Random Experiment

As part of my overall investigation into the meaning of "The Weight of Femininity", I have started a project that I call my "60 day 10 minute Documentary" series. The concept of the series is to make 60 video documentaries of myself talking about the various aspects of femininity and how collectively they create a great weight... This morning when I was making my video I said something that pertained to having to carve out time... to take care of myself, to study, to paint ect... This painting is a visual experiment of that concept. It is 6 x 8 inches and the image is carved out in oil, literally. I first layered the canvas with an 1/8 inch of paint, then I preceded to carve out my head with a towel and a partial shoulder. The towel eludes to the personal time. For me a brief period of quiet time in the morning to get myself together for the day. The paint that I used to further define the figure and towel was remnants of paint that I had on my palette that I had to scrape off and on to the canvas because it was almost completely dried out. The green paint that makes up the environment around the head is 'disrupted' with questions my girls asking me in any given day, usually while I'm painting. I used a stick to carve out the words in the paint. Not my most successful experiment, but a good exercise all the same. At the very least, an exercise in not worrying about creating a 'precious' image. The questions came from my twitter account that I created to document the verbal disruptions, thoughts etc... that I experience every day. The account is closed to the public and is used as a tool to figure investigate my ideas regarding "The Weight of Femininity."

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