Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Ritual (status update 7.31.13)

Status update on the 'Ritual' painting. Today I worked on the hair and the towel. Still need more work on defining the towel and interior swirl of the main curl in my hair, perhaps a few other hair details as well. I also still need to do a little more work on the nose and a few other minor details around the face. Then its back to the tiles. Overall, I think she is coming along nicely and I hope to have her done in time for my fall residency... in less than 4 weeks!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Ritual (more updates)

Today I primarily worked on the face with some touches to the neck. Wednesday I will work on the hair and towel. I still have more work on the eyes and nose along with the neck, perhaps that will be on Friday. Tomorrow I will continue working on the Femininity Manifesto. I found some beautiful vintage rolling pins at the Stapleton Sweet William Market this past weekend that will be perfect on which to attach the scroll! One even has a woman's name carved and inked on it with the date 1934!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Ritual (progress update)

Finally, I've been able to get back to painting the figure! And man did it feel good! I love painting! I spent the majority of today working on the collar bones, shoulders and arms with some work on the neck. I'm happy to say, I'm please with the results. Monday I will continue working on the center of the neck and start working on the face. After that the hair and the towel and then back to the tiles....

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Constant Interruptions (extra thought bubbles)

Here is "Constant Interruptions" with the extra thought bubbles, I think it completes the composition. The next decision is, do I paint them like the larger one above or the ones behind it... I'm thinking like the larger one above but will do a test with the ones I've taped on to see for sure, that way I'm testing it out without making an unwanted mark. So the experimentation continues...

Friday, July 19, 2013

Femininity Manifesto (in progress)

"Femininity Manifesto" is a work in progress. The manifesto was created by pulling out sentences from an article I found titled The Basics of Femininity. The writing was so outrageously absurd that I had to do something with it and thus was born the Femininity Manifesto. What you see here is a floor to ceiling roll of rice paper. I am creating the manifesto in a scroll like fashion using India ink and stencils. Attached to the scroll at either end will be two rolling pins, the kind you would find in a kitchen. As I continue down the paper I will eventually have to start rolling the paper as the text will be longer than the wall itself. 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

'Constant Interruptions' (work in progress)

"Constant Interruptions" is a little over 6 ft x 3 1/2 feet, India ink and oil paint on mylar. It is an experiment using tweets that I recorded of all the questions my girls ask me on a daily bases and random thoughts that pop into my head as I paint. I haven't decided if it is finished yet as I'm thinking I might need one or two more bubble thoughts from the girls strategically placed in front of my big freak out thought. Compositionally I think that might unite the environment around the figure with the figure. I think by doing that it also might further emphasize the concept of interruptions. I'm giving it a day to dry and then may come back in with the additions. It was a fun experiment because I had no idea where I was going with it... well I had a slight idea, but nothing drawn out or pre-envisioned, as Steve Locke once advised, I developed it as I went....

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ritual (progress update)

I know Its been a while since I've posted but these tiles have taken a bloody long time to paint!  However, at long last... here is a progress update. The next steps will  be to touch up the grout and add some glazes to the tile to create more depth. Then its back to the figure! When the painting is complete I will explain the symbolism behind the tiles and the motif. I've also started two new investigations... more like experiments and hope to post some progress updates on those works as well. Otherwise, graduates studies have been keeping me extremely busy! Oh I've also been making short (10 minute) documentaries discussing the "weight of femininity". All kinds of fun experiments going on in the studio! 

Monday, July 1, 2013

Empty Nest Investigation #3: A Mother's Worst Fear

I found this perfect yet sad little baby on the sidewalk outside our Inn in Palisade. For some strange reason I'm fascinated with dead baby birds. Whenever I come across one on my walks or travels I photograph it. This is the best image I've come across to date, so much so that I've included it in my Empty Nest investigations. I've titled this photography "Empty Nest Investigation #3: A Mother's Worst Fear". No other explanation I think is needed.

Carving Out Time: Random Experiment

As part of my overall investigation into the meaning of "The Weight of Femininity", I have started a project that I call my "60 day 10 minute Documentary" series. The concept of the series is to make 60 video documentaries of myself talking about the various aspects of femininity and how collectively they create a great weight... This morning when I was making my video I said something that pertained to having to carve out time... to take care of myself, to study, to paint ect... This painting is a visual experiment of that concept. It is 6 x 8 inches and the image is carved out in oil, literally. I first layered the canvas with an 1/8 inch of paint, then I preceded to carve out my head with a towel and a partial shoulder. The towel eludes to the personal time. For me a brief period of quiet time in the morning to get myself together for the day. The paint that I used to further define the figure and towel was remnants of paint that I had on my palette that I had to scrape off and on to the canvas because it was almost completely dried out. The green paint that makes up the environment around the head is 'disrupted' with questions my girls asking me in any given day, usually while I'm painting. I used a stick to carve out the words in the paint. Not my most successful experiment, but a good exercise all the same. At the very least, an exercise in not worrying about creating a 'precious' image. The questions came from my twitter account that I created to document the verbal disruptions, thoughts etc... that I experience every day. The account is closed to the public and is used as a tool to figure investigate my ideas regarding "The Weight of Femininity."