Thursday, June 27, 2013

Empty Nest Investigation #2: My Daughters' Rooms

So  this is 'Empty Nest Investigation #2: My Daughters' Rooms. Like #1 it is mixed media including oil paint and found objects from my daughters' rooms and play area in the basement. The idea behind this experiment is that technically if I were to build a nest it would be made out of objects that relate to my children as the 'nest' concept has to do with building a home. So I gathered materials/objects that I found on the floors of my girls rooms and their play area and attempted to create a nest out of them. The environment around the figure and the nest is representative of the girls rooms, i.e. the walls in their rooms. Tess' favorite color is purple, while Bella's is pink. I'm not as keen on the painting quality of this experiment (I think #1 was a better painting) but the concept of using materials from my house specific to my girls is interesting and worth investigating further. This exploration continues to fall under the over arching umbrella of "The Weight of Femininity."

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