Monday, June 24, 2013

Empty Nest #1: Angry Bird

"Empty Nest"#1: Angry Bird is a preliminary study for a larger painting. This painting is 6 x 8 inches and is mixed media including: oil paint, sticks, straw from an actual birds nest, moss, leaves, feathers and dog hair. This is a continuation of my investigation regarding the 'weight of femininity'. This image symbolizes the time in a woman's life when her children have grown and moved away. The nest on the head represents this thought weighing on the mother's mind. Although the nest appears empty what remains is an image of 'Angy Bird' a computer game that is played by my girls whenever boredom occurs, usually when required to do something with an adult, aka their parents that is not of interest to them. The Children are gone but the bird remains, a memory of their youth and the time spent together as a family. The environment surround the figure is white. Multifaceted in meaning, white represents purity, as well as death and a sterile environment. In this case, white is used to show the sterility of home after the chaos of childhood has moved on. It is also a visual metaphor showing emptiness. The figure's facial expression is one of recognition and sad comprehension that her children are gone as is the energy force that was theirs is no longer present.

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