Monday, May 6, 2013

A view from Province town

Granted it's a little grainy but what do you expect from an iPhone. Well I'm officially settled in to my apartment in Ptown, awaiting the start of my residency. I pick up groceries and got LuLu (my pink cruiser) service which included a new basket (sadly the old one had a piece break off so now she is sporting a fancy little wicker basket.) With air in the tires and my breaks adjusted I am now mobile! The cool thing was, the guy at the bike shop remembered me from our open studio night at last residency. He was a MFAWC graduate! 

I must say I'm looking forward to getting back to painting, two weeks is too long to go without a paint brush in hand. As I wandered by the galleries today, it is Monday (late in the day) so many were not open, I found it interesting that the galleries I really wanted to see were the ones that sported intriguing  Contemporary work verses the traditional work that I've gravitated toward in the past. Perhaps this is a sign my tastes are changing? My work is growing? I hope so!

My goal this residency is to start two new big paintings. I say start because I'm not sure I can start and finish them and allow for enough drying time. As it is, I have to touch up the big one I finished at home because I screwed up an area by poking around to see if it was dry... bad Kim... bad, bad, bad Kim!

I also plan to continue exploring the ink on mylar drawings as well as spending more time in the printmaking studio In addition, I want to allow time to look at art... this too is an important part of art making and I need to chill and give myself permission to do that as well. Other artists' work can and have inspired ideas for my work!

That's it for today... tomorrow is move in day at the studios. I will continue to post on my blog residency status and painting updates. I hope you follow me as I embark on graduate school residency #2.

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  1. Count me in on the looking around at the galleries - see you tomorrow!