Thursday, May 30, 2013

These are pictures taken by my classmate Joan Cox (a second year due to graduate this fall). They are images from my final crit of the May Residency. I'm thrilled to say, the crit went really well! The crit took place in my FAWC studio in Provincetown, MA.

Fleur de Lis (resolved)

When Fleur arrived at residency, I thought she was finished. However after really helpful feedback from my professors at the beginning of residency, I decided to revisit Fleur and make some revisions to the areas surrounding her head so that the painting would read as more resolved.  Here she is in her retuned and newly resolved state. I'm pleased with the outcome as were my professors. Unfortunately when I took this photo there was a glare on the left side of the painting. I will have to reshoot her once she returns to Colorado.

Kandy (completed)

Here is "Kandy" finished! She is 6 ft x 6 ft, oil on canvas. Her name comes from the combination of Kim and Andy. She received rave reviews at my final crit in residency and signals a turning point in my work. Currently she is rolled up and waiting to be shipped home. Once back in Colorado I will need to figure out how to get her on bars and ready to be exhibited (somewhere!)

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Portrait of Madame V (drawing in progress)

This is a Portrait of Madame V, a drawing in progress. It is approximately 5 to 6 feet in height (I have to stand on a stepping stool to draw in the upper areas. Once finished this will be a preliminary drawing for a large scale painting of the same title. Myself and Sargent's Madame X are the models. Instead of resting her hand on a table, Madame V will be holding a vacuum cleaner, more specifically a pink Hello Kitty vacuum cleaner, however in the drawing you will not be able to tell it is pink. As with my other residency paintings this too is working under or within the concept of the "weight of femininity", a commentary on among other things the expectations of women. For those of you who know art history, it also displays a bit of humor as well as irony.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wall of Experimentation

This is the wall of experiments in my FAWC studio. Many of the experiments were the result of our graduate seminar drawing assignment, others were explorations in the print room and the ink on mylar drawings all of which influenced my drawing assignment experiments. It has been a fun assignment. Our professor gave each of us a specific set of magazine clippings (9 clippings in total) that we were then suppose to create 10 drawings from (she used the term drawing loosely and left it open to any media of our choice.) In the process of this exercise, I've learned how to use photoshop (I'm on a need to know learning path with the photoshop software program... meaning I learn what I need to know at the time I need to use it. I'm slowly building up my knowledge base.)

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Graduate Seminar assignment (drawing 2 and 3 of 10)

We were given a drawing assignment in my Graduate Seminar. Our professor gave us a packet of images (pictures and text cut out from magazines - 9 images in all) and we were given the task of creating drawings from the images. She left the criteria open so that it could actually include painting, collage, print making, drawing etc... just as long as we create 10 pieces of art from the 9 cut out images. These are pieces 2 and 3. I forgot to take a picture of image 1 and images 4 is still a work in progress. After that... I have 6 more to go. All due by the last seminar on May 27th.  My goal is to create 10 different images in 10 different ways. Right now I have a graphite drawing, this ink wash drawing and this sharpe and paint rendering, and a paper plate lithography.

Kandy (progress update)

It was a very productive day today. I spent the morning in the print shop experimenting with paper plate lithography on the Motherwell press, very cool and have some fun prints. I will post those at a later date... once they dry. Then the afternoon and evening was spent working on "Kandy" Tomorrow is another session of our graduate seminar but if I have time after wards (it starts at 10:30 am and ends at 9:00 pm) I might shave off some of Kandy's dark hair on the left... it looks a little too heavy on that side. We have graduate seminar all day on Saturday too and Open Studio on Sunday and dinner at my friend Peter's house that evening so I'm not sure I will have time to work on her again until next week. 

Ink Drawings in PTown

These are part of an on-going drawing project that I have given myself. These are ink drawings on mylar, 17 x 14 inches in size (I think.) The purpose of the project is to advance my drawing skills in portraiture, learn the medium (in this case Ink), to develop my ability to draw lose and gestural with a water base medium, and to relinquish control in my art making practice. The project will be complete once I have accomplished all of the above, or once I have enough drawings to fill and entire wall (a big wall).

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Morning Ritual (Working title)

This is the second large (huge... well not as big as Kandy, but it's big) painting I'm working on while in residency. Obviously it is still a work in progress... I need to adjust the shoulders and come up with a back ground ect... but it is off to a good start. Again still focusing on the concept of the Weight of Femininity

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Kandy (progress update)

"Kandy" progress report. She is going well. I got a good studio visit review today, with positive chuckles regarding my subject matter and creative concepts. Here is the latest status update on "Kandy". I'm thinking her right pupil might me a touch too big but then again I have my eye open wider and my eye brow raised in my photo reference. Yes friends... I am the model for this lovely portrait taking inspiration from my friend Andy Warhol and the trails and tribulations of being 'feminine'. My goal is to finish "Kandy" by the end of my residency! Did I mention this painting is HUGE?

Friday, May 10, 2013

Kandy (working title)

"Kandy" is the working title of this painting... it is the first exploration into the concept of "the weight of femininity". It stands at 6 feet by 6 feet. This is one day's work, and shows both the rough sketch and under painting. I am enjoying this scale of painting although I have also been challenged to paint small again so the variety of scale I will be jumping back and forth from should prove to be interesting to say the least!

FAWC Studio

This is my studio at the Fine Arts Work Center (FAWC) in Provincetown, MA. After two long days of crits, I was finally able to start painting again! Crits were a mixed bag of commentary. One phrase did resonate with me "the weight of femininity." I'm drawn to this concept and am going to explore the visual possibilities. I have gotten great feedback from my classmates and am looking forward to "resolving" several of the paintings I bought for critique. I'm also going to try my hand at a large scale drawing as well as experimenting with "paper plate" lithography and another round of drypoint printing. Of course it is wonderful to see all my classmates again after a year of online studies and correspondence. Overall, I think I'm off to a fun and productive residency this May!

Monday, May 6, 2013

A view from Province town

Granted it's a little grainy but what do you expect from an iPhone. Well I'm officially settled in to my apartment in Ptown, awaiting the start of my residency. I pick up groceries and got LuLu (my pink cruiser) service which included a new basket (sadly the old one had a piece break off so now she is sporting a fancy little wicker basket.) With air in the tires and my breaks adjusted I am now mobile! The cool thing was, the guy at the bike shop remembered me from our open studio night at last residency. He was a MFAWC graduate! 

I must say I'm looking forward to getting back to painting, two weeks is too long to go without a paint brush in hand. As I wandered by the galleries today, it is Monday (late in the day) so many were not open, I found it interesting that the galleries I really wanted to see were the ones that sported intriguing  Contemporary work verses the traditional work that I've gravitated toward in the past. Perhaps this is a sign my tastes are changing? My work is growing? I hope so!

My goal this residency is to start two new big paintings. I say start because I'm not sure I can start and finish them and allow for enough drying time. As it is, I have to touch up the big one I finished at home because I screwed up an area by poking around to see if it was dry... bad Kim... bad, bad, bad Kim!

I also plan to continue exploring the ink on mylar drawings as well as spending more time in the printmaking studio In addition, I want to allow time to look at art... this too is an important part of art making and I need to chill and give myself permission to do that as well. Other artists' work can and have inspired ideas for my work!

That's it for today... tomorrow is move in day at the studios. I will continue to post on my blog residency status and painting updates. I hope you follow me as I embark on graduate school residency #2.