Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Paint the Paint

"Paint the Paint" is finished (I think). This canvas is not yet on stretcher bars but when it is it will be a little under 5 x 7 feet in size. The focus is the paint and the act of painting. No longer am I the subject. Instead the paint is the subject as is the moving around of the paint. The colors/paint that I use to paint  the figure, are coming off the form. The traditional portrait is also gone as the viewer can no longer see my face. I am turned away caught in the act of painting. To paint this image I used traditional artists brushes in various sizes. In addition I used a 4 inch house painting brush, plastic wrap, rags and palette knives to also move the paint around. Also new to this work is the incorporation of texture which can be seen in the hair and the dark brown patches within the work. The texture in the dark areas is inspired by the weaved pattern of my studio chairs and the hair from a hemp cord that was part of a label I pulled from a Provincetown sweatshirt. The texture was an interesting experiments and I plan to continue it in future pieces. The colors red, violet and pink relate to the idea of life and passion. The discordant color combination of green and skin tones are there to create a visual vibration within the image. I've found that the colors that are traditionally labels as colors that clash are visually appealing to me.

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