Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Artist for Sale Installation (detail)

Here is a detail of "Artist for Sale". I actually purchased the tags when I was in Provincetown last September at my graduate school residency. That is when the concept started to form. I've been thinking on it ever since! This is the beauty of making art... some works come to being quicker than others. This one was worth the wait!

Artist for Sale Installation

"Artist for Sale" is my first big installation, here you see it displayed in its full glory, spanning the width of the documentation room at school. The work is hung from wall to wall on a piece of hemp rope. It is made up of 45 individual ink drawing 1x1 inch squares glued onto a price tag which is then hung by wire that is twisted onto the hemp rope. If the squares were pieced back together what the viewer would see is a portrait of me. Disassembled, the portrait becomes 45 delicate, calligraphy like abstract images, some resembling facial features, others elegant marks on paper. It was a really fun piece to make and I hope I can find a gallery willing to exhibit it.

Saturday, April 13, 2013


This is an ink drawing on mylar experiment. It is 14 x 17 inches and I have it hanging via magnets. It is a self portrait drawing from life, meaning I used a mirror. It is a portrait of me but looks surprisingly like Beethoven, or at least I think so, hence the title "Beethoven". It was a fun experiment and I think I will continue to play with the combination of ink and mylar. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Paint the Paint

"Paint the Paint" is finished (I think). This canvas is not yet on stretcher bars but when it is it will be a little under 5 x 7 feet in size. The focus is the paint and the act of painting. No longer am I the subject. Instead the paint is the subject as is the moving around of the paint. The colors/paint that I use to paint  the figure, are coming off the form. The traditional portrait is also gone as the viewer can no longer see my face. I am turned away caught in the act of painting. To paint this image I used traditional artists brushes in various sizes. In addition I used a 4 inch house painting brush, plastic wrap, rags and palette knives to also move the paint around. Also new to this work is the incorporation of texture which can be seen in the hair and the dark brown patches within the work. The texture in the dark areas is inspired by the weaved pattern of my studio chairs and the hair from a hemp cord that was part of a label I pulled from a Provincetown sweatshirt. The texture was an interesting experiments and I plan to continue it in future pieces. The colors red, violet and pink relate to the idea of life and passion. The discordant color combination of green and skin tones are there to create a visual vibration within the image. I've found that the colors that are traditionally labels as colors that clash are visually appealing to me.

Keep Sakes

Keep Sakes is an installation piece made of three 3x3 inch plexiglass squares sandwiched together with screws and bolts. The images inside are 1 inch squares sections from an ink wash drawing I did earlier in the year. The drawing was a self portrait, the lines are locks of hair.  A primitive belief maintains that owning a lock of hair from another's head gives one power over the individual. As a parent I've kept a lock of hair from my daughters' first hair cut for sentimental remembrance and for love. Locks of hair are often kept in beautiful containers such as lockets worn by women. The concept of Keep Sakes is based on this tradition.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Paint the Paint (progress update)

More progress. At my last mentor meeting, Irene suggested I experiment with different tools to move paint. So today I painted with plastic, a rag, a paper towel and a palette knife (which is not new as I have painted with those before) and then of course your standard brushes. She also challenged me to incorporate texture into my painting. So I am experimenting with painting the woven pattern from my studio chairs. I painted it in and then wiped some of it out. I will add some more detail and incorporate more of the texture near the bottom left hand side, unless it looks like crap and then I might not... all in the name of experimentation. My goal is to have this painting done by mid April so it can be dry and ready to ship to my residency at the end of April.