Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Really Big Painting (progress)

I little more progress on developing the concept of this painting... not sure about it though. I'm exploring what I consider my identity and the idea of an 'emerging artist' started to take hold. As I paint, the paint does not adhere to the canvas per say but the environment around me. The painting is not the canvas on the easel but that which I am in and as that painting develops so do I, emerging from the water. I am watching myself paint. Life in the painting, in this case a yellow and red frog observes me observing me, while a blue green frog observes me painting. As I paint, I too am becoming or dissolving into the painting.  The idea of emerging and the metamorphosis of the artist is at play here, but I'm not sold on the second head. Perhaps what needs to happen is the artist is the singular object that dissolves into the water, not just the shirt but my body too the water that is blue begins to turn the color of skin? Another thought, another approach.... to be continued!

1 comment:

  1. I know what if I add a tail? A fish tail! I make it completely nonsensical and I, the the observer of the painter become a mermaid! Hmmmm....