Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Stone Palette

My first post as a blogger! The purpose of my blog is to post my works in progress and or finished paintings, much like what I was doing on Facebook but now I can actually write about the painting as well. I completed this piece, called "Stone Palette", shortly after my return from residency in Provincetown, MA.  It is 5" x 8". I call it "Stone Palette" because the color scheme is taken from a small collections of stones I picked up at one of the beaches in Provincetown. The day after our residency ended a few of us took a walk across the 'breaker's. It was a stone wall of broken rocks and boulders that ended onto a beach. I believe it was the farthest tip of Cape Cod.  The next day I returned on my own and collected a number of stones that made up the palette of color you see here. I am the model. One of our visiting artists at residency was Susanna Coffey. I had the great fortune to meet with her and she shared with me some of her techniques of painting. This was my experimentation with one of them. She too uses herself as the model. Often times she paints out her image and then paints it back in. That is what I did here only I liked the result and left it as is. It was a fun experiment and I am planning on experimenting with it again only on a larger scale.