Saturday, February 16, 2013

Self Portrait in a Pink Scarf

Self Portrait in a Pink Scarf is 18" x 24". It is my first attempt at combining drawing and painting in that you still see the under drawing. I like this painting because it has a beautiful raw quality to it. The other thing I was experimenting with is the idea of when is a painting complete? In trying to paint to the point were it still feels rough but yet complete is truly a challenge. In my mind I have achieved it in this painting but others might disagree. The painting maintains areas of unpainted canvas, charcoal marks and paint drips; there are gray areas where the charcoal merges with the paint and portions of the painting where the background is painted into the hair but not yet breaking into the face. My characteristic red beauty mark is present but the diamond nose stud is not (I had not yet gotten my nose pierced at the time of this painting). All that you see here, I am still experimenting with as I move through my artistic journey called an MFA program, some experiments are better than others. This one, I feel is a success.

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