Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Homage to Van Gogh

I can't remember the last time I painted for such a long and solid block of time! Unfortunately I didn't get my grading done. I will have to do that tonight! More progress has been made on "Homage to Van Gogh but it needs to dry before I go any further. I think I made some 'go big or go home' advances today. I must have because I'm grumpy! Apparently making myself uncomfortable with my painting also makes me agitated which then leads to grumpy... my poor family! As far as what's next... I want to do some glazing on the face to bring in some more value and structural details around the eye sockets and nose. I also want to punch up the values under the chin before I bring the water up around the face on the right side. I might bring some of the lily back on the left side but I'm still undecided on that one.  I think I need to soften the hairline on the forehead too. The bamboo needs to be lighten in value  as well... and more details in the hair. Still so much to do... but first it must dry!

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