Thursday, February 14, 2013

Fleur de Lis: Portrait of a P2 Modernist

Fleur de Lis: Portrait of a P2 Modernist is officially done! The idea for this painting started at my fall residency in a discussion with my former classmate Jackie Feng. We were discussing different concepts regarding portraiture and the idea of historic hair styles was born. The title is a reference to both the fleur de lis symbol that you see in the background as well the country France, more specifically Marie Antoinette. The hair style is reminiscent of Marie Antoinette's time period and the Ermine fir around Fleur's shoulders references royalty. I  am the model so I take on the identity of Fleur, however I include several of the physical features that are specific to me, i.e. the blonde curls sticking out from under the elaborate hairstyle, the red beauty mark that is near my nose, and my dark eyebrows.  To develop the concept further I decided to bring Fleur into the twenty first century. I did this by incorporating 'Hello Kitty' hair ribbons. The second half of the title Portrait of a P2 Modernist, is a reference to the Post Modernist mentality and philosophy, to be truly accurate it would have to be Post Post Modernist but I thought that was over kill so I shortened it to P2 Modernist, P2 being P squared. Stylistically this painting is a new direction for me. While the background is relatively clean and smooth, reminiscent of my previous way of painting, the face is painted in a more rough style, it appears dirty and unblended. I've also included some of my charcoal under drawing, which adds to the raw quality of the image. Fleur de Lis: Portrait of a P2 Modernist is 30" x 48".

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